Philoxenia Collection & Social responsibility

Philoxenia Collection consists of a group of young and professional people who share a common spirit, the spirit of being socially responibile and having faith for the best to come.It’s important to know that we are able to offer, where they need help. Our common belief of being socially responsible encouraged us to take the intiative and implement this philosophy not only in our every day life but in our corporate life too.

We are happy and we work happier when being a responsible business.

From 2017, all guests being accommodated in Philoxenia Collection’s properties will have the opportunity to offer as well something small to this universe ……. with faith for the best to come.

Our amulet with the olive branch represents Philoxenia Collection something as Greek as our culture, as our company. This amulet is offered for purchase and its profit will be distributed to a charity institution which helps the children who are in a medical need…

This year we cooperate with PNOE – Friends of Children in Intensive Care- a non-profit Greek organization.

The principal goals of PNOE are:

To establish Paediatric Intensive Care Units in State and University hospitals and donate medical equipment to Neonatal and Paediatric Intensive Care Units throughout Greece.

To support children and their families while the child is in Intensive Care and provide rehabilitation services after discharge.

To provide continuing educational opportunities for Intensive Care medical and nursing staff.

To provide basic training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and First Aid to the general public.


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