My travelling Experience in “Covid-19” 2020

Traveling throughout the summer, from mid June until begining of September 2020 around Greece. Beatiful visits starting from Athens, following to Crete, to Mylos, to Santorini and back to Crete. All movements were made by boat where social distancing and use of mask was taking place.

I visited almost all the area of Chania and Rethymno from North to South, visited beautiful traditional settlements and unbelievable blue water beaches. I mostly traveled in organised camping places and traditional Airbnb houses.

Same trip followed to the colourful island of Mylos with the unforgettable beaches and the magical island of Santorini with the breathtaking caldera. Lots of exploration and nice gatherings for dinner enjoying traditional plates. Bars and restaurants followed all the necessary rules but the overall atmosphere was very humanistic.

My overall experience was stunning!

I never caught the virus neither anyone around me during my trips. Most people were responsible to follow the rules and life was going with a normal flow. I enjoyed the peaceful environments, the empty beaches, the delicious food and the best prices!

Keep safe by just being responsible, not by changing your life! We keep traveling!