For those who love the Greek food & wine…apart from the sea & the sun

So yes i accept that i love the Greek cuisine, cooked the mama’s way! And i admit i love it with a glass of white wine!

Visiting my country, you have lots of things to focus on and believe me one of these is the food and the wine! Ancient Greeks invented so many things, one of which is the wine. Greece offers various varieties of white & red wine, which can be so nicely combined with any of our local plates.

Here are some tips, if one day you decide to visit my country!

Following my passion on wines, i had the opportunity to take place in various wine tastings in many winaries in France, in Italy and in Greece, so if you are keen too then, i believe and hope that my wine list will be of your interest. Personally, my favorite Greek wine varieties come from Peloponese, Santorini and Crete.
Peloponese offers a big variety of unique wines, such as Ageorgitiko red wine and Roditis a white variety with fruitful flavors! Peloponese climate is ideal for grapes, therefore its wines are one of a kind!
Santorini has the strongest and most unique wines ever tasted. Yes, it might sound too much, but i find these wines so unique and different from any wine tasted! The uniqness of the Santorini wine derives from the volcanic soil and the dry climate, so i highly recommend you to try the Nychteri white wine (intense taste and dark yellow color), Thalassitis white wine (matured in the bottom of the sea in 400m depth in the caldera of Santorini. The king of desert wines is the famous Vinsanto, produced from white grapes, sundried under the sun. It is a sweet and strong wine and its reddish color will surprise you, since its made from white grapes. Last but not least check out Brusco & Mavrotragano red wines. These are quite limited varieties of wine, but if you find them, you should definetly try them!
Crete island- the house of wine and “tsikoudia”, of cheese and honey! Crete’s competitive advantage, is the different climates she offers in the North and the South part of the island. This gives us the privilege to enjoy a big variety of wines, 11 varieties of which can be found only in Crete! From those 11 unique varieties my favorite white varieties are Malvasia (by far), Vidiano (characterized as Viognier of Greece) and Vilana. From red wines check out Kotsifali & Liatiko.
All these wines can be found at any alcohol store in Greece, so no need to worry…

Let’s now see which Greek plates could be your favorable…

I will just make a list for you, so it can be easy to keep notes. Starting from stuffed tomatoes and peppers with rice, stuffed wine leaves with rice, puree fava beans, “soutzoukakia” minced meat with spices, chickpeas in the hull, giant-beans soup, tzarziki, “saganaki” fried cheeze, fried feta cheese with Greek honey and for sausage lovers i recommend “spetsofai”!

Enjoy & good appetite!

  1. Wow actually a huge post. I like this.I just passed this onto a colleague who was doing a little research on that. And he actually bought me lunch because I found it for him. Overall, Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!

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