Olive Cave Houses

Your Home Away from Home

Olive Cave Houses, three unique cave houses dating back the years 1800. Olive Cave houses are located few minutes’ walk from Fira town and few more steps to Firostefani center. The houses occupy an ideal location 20 meters away from the famous cliffs of caldera.

The two private luxuriously decorated  (the Gold & Silver cave houses) are semi-detached with an interconnecting door, that could be used either to separate the two houses to be completely private & independent or to connect them & offer accommodation to a large group of friends or a big family. The Bronze cave house shares the same patio, is more independent and attracts more guests who love the minimal and modern home style.


Has 95 sq. interior spaces and features two bedrooms with double beds and ensuite bathrooms, a spacious living room with a dining area and a kitchenette.

The Gold Olive Cave house is Around 1820 the Gold house used to operate as the bakery of the village.One can see the old wood oven that was used to bake those years.This oven is kept and preserved after the renovation and can be found in one of the bedrooms of the house. Significant to mention is that, both houses have a genuine collection of handmade pieces of furniture and items which date back more than 100 years.

The Gold cave house can accommodate from 4 to 6 guests.


Has 50 sq. meters interior space and feaτures a bedroom with a double bed and an en suite bathroom, a living room with a dining area and a second bathroom. 

During 1820, the silver house was used as the house of the bakers. A family of six owned the bakery and the house until the last years. Selected old pieces of furniture and items are also found here, to offer to its guests an authentic accommodation experience.

The Silver cave house can accommodate from 2 to 4 guests.


Has 55 sq. meters interior space and features a one space interior with a living room with a fully equipped kitchenette have also and a dining room, a bedroom with a double bed and an ensuite bathroom with shower. The Bronze cave house is more minimal and modern style from the other two cave houses and is ideal to accommodate 2 to 4 guests.

The Gold & Silver cave houses offer terraces with stunning semi caldera views (south-west views) whereas the Bronze house offers village & sea views (north-est views).

Few minutes away, there is a free public parking available.

Olive Cave houses operate all year round.



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