Covid days during travel in Santorini

After this new stressfull experience of Covid-19 in our lives, 2020 has already entitled the year of changes! Change in many aspects in our lives, from small little things in our daily life to serious healthy issues. Our social life and of course the traveling experience have also turned to fear of socialization. But let’s see the bright side of life, which is what we should do..

Speaking about traveling in Santorini this summer until today things are easy, not stressful as may be in bigger cities. People use to wear masks in indoor areas and distances are kept in normal standards, On the other hand, Santorini this summer is crowdless, with no traffic, better quality of food and more space at the beach.

By all means, those who have the opportunity to travel to Santorini, i suggest to do it this year until mid-end october the weather is beautiful and the food the best!

Stay Safe!