Beautiful Oia

Why should you visit beautiful Oia, and what should you do there?

  • First: Sunset, Sunset, and again: Sunset! Well, or maybe even sunrise if you prefer? For sure you will never forget these magical moments when day turns night or night turns day – enjoy!
  • Any water fans out there? Think about a boat trip across the caldera! Depending on the excursion you choose, you might stop at several well-known landmarks, such as the lighthouse, the Indian Rock, the volcano and of course the beaches. Not to mention that a boat trip is one of the most romantic things you can do on Santorini. Ok, maybe besides a wedding…
  • Do you like wine? Then Oia is a must! Surrounded by stunning vineyards, Oia is famous for some of the best wines in Greece. Do you know that currently there are 21 active wineries on the island of Santorini?
  • Are you a photographer or maybe an architect? Go and explore the labyrinth of small streets, alleys, and stairways between the whitewashed houses. The beautiful landscape is simply breathtaking! Ah, and please don’t forget to take a picture of the famous 3 Blue Domes of Oia, this is a must!
  • Maybe you’re an historian? Then please explore Oia Castle, a fortress built in the 15th century, and the Naval Museum, which was an old captain’s ouse back in the 19th century, where you will learn a lot about Santorini’s nautical past.
  • How about “All in One”? Visit Ammoudi Bay and see the whitewashed houses, the stunning blue sea and the Red Cliffs. Relax and enjoy the fantastic Greek cuisine accompanied by a wonderful Santorini wine.
  • Last but not least: Did you know that Oia is pronounced EEa (see a nice little YouTube video here)?

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