We make a unique combination of your strategic plan, your targets and your assets with our business experience in the field of the tourism industry. We understand that each property has its own needs that derive from its strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats of the environment. Based on this we make a business plan and we create new goals. We take action, with daily contacts, supervision and visits to your hotel/villa and we assure that every operation works according to our plan. We preempt unfortunate situations by prognosticating the elements that can lead to such matters.
Tracing your competitive advantages and finding ways to increase them, within a developing business environment, is the path we follow with our partners to satisfy your needs as a business and the needs of your clients.
In Philoxenia we believe that your and our greatest asset is your and our people. So we choose them wisely on your behalf, through a special recruitment plan, we train them in your business for each job position they will be placed.

Our company is specialized in the hotel industry market and has the experience to offer you extra facilities in the online Marketing. Our experts can create and develop your tailor made property’s logo, your website, business email accounts and business cards. We can assist you creating and/or developing your brand, so as to have the assets to promote your hotel.

One of the most important tools of a hotel  engine is the reservations department. The correct handling of sales and promotion can increase the hotel’s bookings. Invest on your hotel’s image and website, follow a tailor made promotion, find new agents on focused markets, organize your reservation plan and boost your hotel’s bookings.

In the next few years, we accept a big increase in the industry of tourism in Greece. This factor leads to a competitive growth at the level of hotel business. We offer a full package of consulting services that follows after a market research with results, which indicate how the competition is established in your area, which risks the environment hide and who are the best online agents & tour operators of your area, so as to take the right challenges and opportunities for your business environment.
Such an example of our consulting services package is a full year financial management consulting plan, human resources backup plan and, depending on the potential of your business, expansion in other activities.

After a long term experience in the hotel industry, strictly managing the financials for a number of properties, we have streamlined our process to achieve unparalleled efficiencies. We provide the tight controls and details you may need to feel confident in the position of your investment. Our financial services consist firstly from a cost management analysis by finding the best wholesaler prices and value for money products and secondly from the organization of fixed and running expenses/costs by reviewing existing expense control practices and policies and modifying where necessary to keep outlays within budget. Furthermore, we provide a daily review budget numbers (potential income & expenses) that allows anything falling outside projections to be investigated and remedied early. Finally, Philoxenia is able to monitor daily invoices (for B2B & B2C clients) and to cooperate with your accounting department leading to completion of payments (outstanding invoices).
Ride with us and we will point you the way for your budget development

Property owners have the opportunity to choose one of our services for their hotel, according to their needs. We can undertake all the management of your property or the sales & reservation department.

                                                                            Get Worldwide Identity

                                                                             Increase your income

                                                                  Save time to invest on something else

                                                              Have peace of mind for the daily operation

Trust & Control. Have online access anytime, anywhere to your property’s operation (financial, bookings, statistics)