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Villa Insolito offers guests an authentic and truly unique holiday experience. Located in the hillsides above the beautifully preserved Medieval village of Emporio, Villa Insolito captures the true essence of Santorini’s traditional way of life within a luxurious, private location where serenity and calm dominate the landscape.

Architecturally designed with a sleek, minimalistic style, Villa Insolitio features two separate living areas (a traditional house and cave) for one or two families or groups of up to eight people.

Sweeping sea views from the villa’s private terrace and a beautifully positioned infinity pool complete the setting. For those who love the sea, Santorini’s famous black beaches and crystal clear waters are just a 5 minute drive away.

Villa Insolito is now open for guests and we welcome you to come and enjoy a truly unique holiday experience.

Dating from the early 20th century, the property was originally a small house of two rooms with a wine production and storage area attached. The cave, with its year-round constant temperatures, was used to store produce. Following a complete architectural redesign, the property today takes full advantage of Santorini’s unique land formations to create a contemporary space that preserves and enhances the island’s original architecture.

Villa Insolito