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“Morning Star” is a traditional cluster of three traditional houses overlooking the stunning sea view and morning sunrise located at Exo Gonia village. The houses have a panoramic view, they are semi-detached, built on two levels and their construction began in 1892 and ended in 1893 as shown by the contract and the marble slab with the fountain that were found at the base of the cistern. It bears the initials AR from the owner (Anthony Revelis) and now is placed above the door of the bedroom of the lower house.

Anthony Mindrinos nicknamed Revelis, was a captain, traveling at the Black Sea in the 19th century carrying goods to and from Russia.

In one of his trips, he brought from Russia a handmade railing that decorates now the terrace of the house, a bed located in the bedroom of the lower house and a gift to his beloved wife, a jar decorated with a heart and an anchor located in showcase dining over the house.

Captain Revelis sold the houses in 1925 and he moved in Fira. A copy of the house sales contract remains and is posted in both houses.

The first house was used originally as the main residence. To second house was supplementary space with a water tank and it was initially functioning as bottling wines and soft drinks.Various of the components of the bottling activity has been converted into useful objects such as roofs and floor lamps.

The complex consists of three traditional houses that are located at the old traditional village of Exo Gonia. The village has a big history that dates back the 19th century and is located between Pyrgos village and the new constructed village of Kamari. The village is nestled at the mountainside and has a stunning view; one can say that it is the best wake up when gazing the sunrise from the houses. “Captain Revelis” and Mario houses have two bedrooms and can accommodate up to 6 guests and “Efterpi” is a one berdoom house, ideal to accommodate up to three guests.The houses operate all year.

Close to the house, the famous traditional restaurant of “Metaxi mas” is located which offers daily traditional Greek plates.

The access to the house is easy, there is a bus station within a minute walk and a public parking next to the houses.

Morning Star