When my mind thinks of blue it reffers to the sea and the sky. This light Mediterannean blue, that i see in front of my eyes since i first opened them. Greece..talking about this ancient mysterious lady. This lady that could be also likened as our big mama, while on the same time is so small.

As a travel lover and child from aviation family, i had the chance and the luck to travel since i was a small kid. Since then, travel has become a real passion..its unremarkable to be able to close your eyes and see as well feel the vibes in different parts of the world… from places where you have traveled. Its a stunning trip of mind and a good way to compare the way of living….. and sometimes come down to earth!

So speaking about travel and Greece, what i love about this country is that it combines landscapes from so many different parts of the world.

Travelling during winter in Ioannina, Kastoria, Kavala and Thessaloniki, one can see and experience lakes, cycling, boat tours or kayak, ancient cities and traditional medieval settlements. For ski lovers there are several choices with Kaimaktsalan ski resort being a favorite with nice traditional villages around. Of course the same trip can follow till the center of Greece and explore from Athens and the surroundings till the ancient theatre of Epidavros or even Nafplio city..an unfogettable journey with small stops to the ancient city of Korinthos and Arachova village for a small break to ski at the mountain of Parnassos. And maybe another day, on the way back to Athens, if you are a gaming lover make a small stop at the casino of Loutraki…

Travelling during summer in Greece..to be honest i cant predict what you would love most to visit, because choices are endless, but in your place..i would run for island hoping..especially after this Covid19 experience!

What i would like to remind you all is to keep safe by just being responsible, not by changing your life!…in all aspects of life!


Stay well & healthy!

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