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The Dantelo residences are owned today by the Danezi family, with three generations of grand history, marking the island’s social and cultural heritage. Located in the centre of the island, in the picturesque traditional village of Messaria, the residences date back to the 19th century, originally built as a private merchant’s home. In 1928 the house was donated to Michael Danezi, a great local philanthropist. He used the property to establish the first Eye Clinic on the island, which remained active until 1956. The clinic offered treatment to patients who suffered greatly from an eye disease, the trachoma, which devastated Santorini at the time. In 1974, the son and heir of Michael Danezi, John Danezi, turned the abandoned premises into a family summer residence. In 2016 the third family generation transformed the premises into today’s Dantelo Luxury Private Residences. Dantelo accomodates up to 14 people between the two villas, offered as one, or separately. Luxury amenities, original unique architectural features, exclusive interior design, antique furniture, rare artworks and environmental awareness, are all part of the Dantelo experience and ethos.

The Blue Residence

The Blue Residence accommodates up to 8 persons, spreading all on one level, with two main entrances, as the plot is situated between two cobbled streets. Elements such as the original timber doors and shutters, the poured concrete flooring, the domed ceilings, the canava cave rooms and the cobbled verandas have been preciously safeguarded as both physical & stylistic remnants of our island’s cultural heritage. During the summer, the blue residence offers a cool paradise amidst the sun drenched village, whether you spent time under the shade of the jasmin pergola, plunging in the water pool or simply relaxing in one of the exquisite settings, indoor or outdoor. During the coolest months, the warm pool water is the best way to unwind after a day of adventure on the island.

The Cave Bedroom: a king size bedroom
Ensuite bathroom with shower
The Old Winery family suite: a family room with one king size bed, four single beds and a spacious TV lounge
Master bathroom
Spacious fully equipped kitchen
Study room
Bougainvillea lounge
Mediterranean garden
Jasmin shaded pergola with dining table and swimming pool
Heated plunge pool with swinging sun loungers
A/C & WIFI available


Messaria is considered one of the most unspoiled traditional villages on the island with live examples of bioclimatic architecture, some houses literally dug like caves inside the volcanic earth and others ingeniously constructed from volcano ash and stone. Several of its 19th century neoclassical mansions have been transformed into hotels or museums, others lie in romanesque ruins, reminders of Santorini’s glorious past as a crossroad of cultures, ship owners, captains and merchants. Messaria was a rich agricultural village, surrounded by vineyards, once providing the majority of wine production of the island and also the birthplace of Santorini’s industrial production in the early 20th century.

Messaria is located in the center of the island of Santorini, conveniently situated close to all beaches, villages, sightseeing and top interests of the island.