Theta healing retreats in Santorini

October is an ideal month in Santorini, sun is shining, the island is beautiful and peaceful, the beaches are all yours and food is better than ever!
For those who look to combine a beautiful vacation healing retreat in Greece, Santorini is the ideal place to experience it!

21-22-23 October, Santorini.
Are you willing […]

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Experience the day of Fireworks

One of the most impressive events organized by the Municipality of Thira entitled “Ifestia” (Volcanoes) is held on the 19th of September. Find a good spot in caldera to enjoy the super show with fireworks symbolizing the volcanic eruption. On the very same night, there will be a live concert with J. Spanos at the […]

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Worldwide famous Parkour free-running

Worldwide famous Parkour free-running

Sponsored by Red bull Art of Motion

Since 2012 the top free runners of the world meet every summer in the narrow alleys of Santorini in order prove who’s is the king of Art of Motion!

A global event supported by Red Bull that became an attraction for people all over the world who […]

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Santorini Experience 2016 Tourney

The «Santorini Experience», which focuses this year on the run sports and swimming strategically supports the promotion of the destination, offering significant benefits and privileges to those who travel to the event on 7-9 October 2016!

The official carrier of «Santorini Experience», as Ryanair, in order to meet the huge demand for the sporting event, add […]

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Medieval Castles of Santorini

The Venetian Era 1207-1580

During the years of Venetians rulers of Santorini the need to protect themselves from the pirates gave birth to the Medieval Castles of Santorini. The medieval castles originally located in Oia, Imerovigli, Pyrgos, Emborio and Akrotiri the castles or “Goulas” were the houses of the local rulers and their families lived.

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The Authentic village of Pyrgos

Pyrgos Kallistis has approx. 1000 residents and is the highest village of the island, which lies 10 km northeast of Fira.


The tower was one of the five castles of the island and was the capital of Santorini until 1800. During the Ottoman rule in the 18th century, the abbot Paisios of the monastery of Prophet […]

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The history of Emporio village and the impact of the notorious pirate Barbarossa

Emporio is the largest village of Santorini and has most residents’ aprox. 2,000, according to the census 2001. It is located on the south side of the island at a distance of 12 kilometers from Fira. The traditional settlement was one of the castles of the island, as in medieval times, the houses were built […]

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Prehistoric village of Akrotiri

What happened and who were they?

From the findings of the excavations is now known that the area of Akrotiri was inhabited during the Late Neolithic period (around 4500 BC) and during the 18th century BC had become a city. In the early 17th century BC leveled by an earthquake, but was rebuilt on the ruins […]

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The worldwide famous volcano of Santorini

The Minoan Volcanic Eruption : Bronze Age 1600 BC

The group of islands known as Santorini is unique. Probably the only volcano with a caldera that reaches into the sea, the last major explosion occurred during the Minoan Bronze Age 3,600 years ago.

Santorini is one of the 5 volcanic centers making up the southern Aegean volcanic […]

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